The world is a little bit scary right now.

Our range of washable, ultra soft, skin friendly masks in fun designs, make it just a little less so.

Learn more about why we started The Masque Co. and how $1 from every product purchased, goes towards giving mental health support to people in the Performing Arts Industry. 

Washable & Reusable.

Fast drying fabric fibers not only mean you can wash and re-wear, but quickly absorb moisture from the face, reducing skin irritation.

Skin Friendly.

Ph balanced, non toxic fabrics ensures minimal irritation for even the most sensitive of skin.

(Oh and they also help avoid dreaded mask-acne!)

Seriously Comfy.

Unique design features incredibly soft material (and we mean, like crazy soft!) for extended wear and comfy stretch ear loops which means no annoying "string-y" bits.

Oh, and no awful nose-pinching - we hate that!

Tried & Tested.

Our products have gone through rigorous testing by the Korean Apparel Testing & Research Institute, who have some of the strictest guidelines in the world. 

Ready to get your Masque on?

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