Our story.

The Masque Co. was founded in 2020 by Australian actress Claire Lyon while residing in Seoul.

Life around the globe was coming to a halt, except in South Korea where she was starring in the only major theatre production still running in the world - The Phantom of the Opera. 

Covering up in South Korea had become a way of life. Crowds were flocking to the theatre, restaurants were still open, and life remained as "normal" - compared to the rest of the world! 

Claire had tried many, many kinds of coverings - most of which were too big, too small, too uncomfortable (nose-pinchy!!), too claustrophobic, but most importantly, not Eco-Friendly.

She saw that people outside of Asia, were also reluctant to wear them at all...

So she decided to do something about it....

Creating a nicer experience.

Claire partnered with some of her favourite designers in Melbourne to bring a range of super fun designs to make wearing, a little more fun and a little less scary. 

On top of the fun, she added a sprinkling of comfort and stretchy-ness, washable, lightweight fabric (saving the planet - yay!), a healthy dose of balanced pH, to look after your skin.

All products are made in Seoul, South Korea (the technology capital of the world!) and are of the highest quality with rigorous testing done by The Korean Apparel Testing and Research Institute. 

Giving back to The Arts.

While the current global conditions have impacted all industries, The Arts sector has been hit significantly. 

Here at ‘The Masque Co.’ we have also pledged to donate $1 from every product sold towards ‘The Arts Wellbeing Collective’, who help those working in the Performing Arts Industry with mental health support.

After all, wearing is caring.

Happy Masque-ing!!! 

Ready to get your Masque on?