Washing & Care instructions.

Cloth face coverings like ours are an additional step to help stop the spread of nasties. Remember! If you’re touching your face, make sure your hands are washed!

We recommend hand washing after each use!

Handling your seam free mask

Our masks our made from super soft, ultra stretch fabric which makes them incredibly comfy to wear.

Our unique seamless wave fusion technology allows us to avoid any stitch lines, but it does mean you need to take extra care. Please do not wear your mask around your chin as this will stretch it out of shape.

While they are stretchy, we advise that you do not get too excited and pull or tug along the midline as this is, structurally, the most delicate point!


Tips for washing

Gentle hand wash only, after every use
Wash in lukewarm water, using mild detergent
Hang dry in the shade, away from direct sunlight

     Things to avoid when washing

    Steer clear of bleach
    Machine washing - wash by hand only
    Tumble dryers - give them a miss and just air dry
    Try not to scrub vigorously - treat it nicely!
    Drying in direct sunlight

      Other tips to take note of

      Chose a size to fit your face - there's a handy size guide on the product pages!
      Handle with care at all times.

        Remember: Think of them like your underwear

        Avoid touching or adjusting (especially in public!)
        Do not borrow or lend
        Make sure the fit is tight but comfortable
        Make sure it's CLEAN
        Wear the right side out
        If it's damp, change it!
        Don't go COMMANDO!


            Happy Masque-ing!!