Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q: How many layers are they?

A: Our products are made from one tightly woven layer of 92% polyester and 8% spandex - kind of like a light wetsuit material. 
The advice for 3 layers applies for home made versions in a low thread count cotton or linen.

Q: Do they have nose wires?

A: Nope! We wanted to produce a product that is completely eco-friendly and washable so our masks are made from fabric only! 

Q: Will my glasses fog up?

A: Fogging is something we have found many people experience when wearing all sorts of different face coverings - not just ours! Many of our lovely customers have however have said that ours fog much less than other brands on the market! 

One way to minimise fogging glasses is to place your glasses over the top of the fabric :)

Q: Do you ship globally?

A: We sure do! Head on over to our Shipping page to see our rates and shipping times.

Q: Where are they made?

A: Our masks are manufactured in Seoul, South Korea using the latest technology to obtain a seamless, 3D fit. They are all designed and shipped directly from Melbourne and we are 100% Aussie owned :)

Q: Will it fit someone younger than 5 years of age?

A: Every person, and child’s face is different. Some people’s faces are more round, others more angular. We recommend using the size guide to measure yourself up before purchasing. We ALWAYS recommend supervising a child if they are wearing a face covering.

Q: What size am I?

A: We beautiful human beings come in all different shapes and sizes - including our faces! We recommend using our size guide to measure up before purchasing. You can find the link in the footer or on each product page next to where you chose your size, or simply jump straight to our size guide.

Q: I‘m an adult, but I’m measuring between a size S-M. Which size should I go with?

A: We recommend adults with smaller sized faces go a size M as there is a little more coverage in the width. 

Q: Are all designs in all sizes?

A: We have carefully selected certain designs to be in certain sizes...BUT! We love your feedback! Want to see a specific design in a specific size? Let us know via the contact page!

Q: Can I wash in the washing machine?

A: We recommend avoiding machine washing. Hand wash only using mild detergent after every use. For more on how to look after your product, take a look at our care tips.

Q: What is the lifespan of your masks?

A: Our products are washable and reusable, but like anything, they do have a lifespan! It will depend on how gentle you are and how often you wear and wash BUT to be safe, we like to say around 30-50 washes :)

Q: My order hasn’t arrived yet!  What do I do?

A: Depending on which carrier we use for your unique order, you can track your order via the Sendle  or Australia Post website, using your tracking code!

If your order says “Delivered” but you haven’t got it, make sure to check in any unusual places it may have been left and ask others in your household in case they collected on your behalf.  

Q: Do you charge GST?

A: If you’re purchasing within Australia, yes, and if you’re outside Australia no! Your total shopping bag amount will be displayed upon check out, depending on where in the world you live.