Science-y stuff.

Cotton? Filters? Multi-layer? Vents? One-time use?

The messages out there can be confusing!

Our products:

  • Have all been tried and tested by the Korean Apparel Testing and Research Institute (try saying that 10 times quickly!).
  • Are made from one tightly woven layer of 92% polyester and and 8% spandex. Our fabric has a particle filtration efficiency of around 30%, which in general, is around 20% higher compared to cotton! If you’re making your own from scratch at home with cotton or linen, the current advice is to create 3 layers :)
  • Have an antibacterial activity of 99.9%, which basically means, nasty bacteria doesn’t like growing on our fabric. Bacteria be gone!
  • Are Non-Toxic and PH balanced. Because they’re worn directly on the skin, we’ve made sure they’re safe to wear without causing skin irritation or dreaded acne
  • Don’t have nose wires, making them completely washable and eco-friendly!
  • Have no vents! The current advice is that vents are not great because you can still either breathe out (or in) nasties.